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A2 Marketing Strategy is a one-stop data provider for all your business Email Database, Free Email Address, Email Marketing Lists, Free Professional Email Address service. Build B2B mailing lists across USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia a fully customized prospecting database precisely for your business.

Anti Spam Policy

Secure Email Providers 2020 | Best Free Email 2020

We have crafted a well-built, zero-tolerance anti-spam policy to protect the delivery rates and reputations of our customers. If you feel one of our customers has sent you spam, please email us and we will immediately take steps to solve the problem.

Our Anti-Spam Policy

Simply stated, Our Emails are anti-spam. We hold the privacy of all users in the highest regard, as well as the recipients of emails sent by our customers.

"SPAM" has proven to be a major problem for many of our customers and the Internet at large. Spam is a common slang term referring to the sending of unsolicited email, instant messaging, or other communication to a large group of people at once. Variations on this practice include off-topic (and usually promotional) messages on bulletin boards, guest books, Usenet newsgroups, or chat rooms.

Spam is strictly against our Terms of Use and will result in legal action to be taken by several third parties, including ISP services, Users, and Other involved parties.