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Can Spam Act

Free Email Address List 2020 | Email Marketing 2020

The Federal CAN-SPAM Act, put into law in 2003, dictates rules in sending commercial email. We vigorously follow those rules. They include:

If you are sending commercial email, non-personal, business-focused email, you must have specific permission to email your recipients. You can do this by using opt-in or closed-loop opt-in to sign up subscribers.

You must hang on to evidence that subscribers have given you permission, and must be able to produce that evidence within 72 hours of the request.

You must tell your recipients, in your email, where you got their info. This might include a line that says “you received this email because you signed up for our newsletter at www.a2marketingstrategy.com

You must honor all unsubscribe requests within 10 days of receipt and provide a reasonable way for customers to unsubscribe.

The domain attached to your email must have its own privacy policy.

You must be able to track down anonymous complaints.

You must tell the truth in your email, from where your office is located to who is sending the actual communication.